Sunday, July 24, 2011

Come On Lets Play

Lilly Bella and Tobe have been on many adventures this past year, through the woods over the hills to the ocean, and pool. They like to sing and dance and have found many friends "Come on lets play" is the theme of our families life. Here is a photo collection highlighting their darling faces as they explore this grand world. They are fearless in the water and know how to swim amazingly well. Lilly and Bella love retriving things off the bottom of the pool and their dad even convinced them how fun it would be to retrieve a brick off the bottom of the pool amazingly they were able to do that in 6ft deep water!

loves to cook especially cracking the eggs all by himself he mixes and spoons the batter into the tin and sometimes all the batter ends up on the floor so we start again, luckily Tobe likes to clean up as much as mess up

His Grandparents Gra Ga and especially loves his Grandpas.

He loves juice and any food.

He loves wrestling body slamming any one in the room.

He was pretty much potty trained before two like his sister Lilly and is very responsible and wants to be big however sometimes he has a few accidents such as this delightful one notice the poop next to the toilet and the nice set of poop prints leading out the door, luckily we caught him before he got to the carpet.

loves picking flowers and being outside collecting treasures, it is amazing the things she finds

Here she is doing a favorite thing, collecting bottle caps yes we don't drink but we sure have a great collection of bear bottle caps scattered all over the floor at times

She is always thinking and wanting to learn in the morning she wakes up usually around 6:00 and the first thing she says is something like

"Momma lets learn about hickups
Do Jellyfish have intestines?
Do sting rays have teeth?
What do bad guys do?"

Then I am grateful for Google and the ease of teaching and learning with her

Bella likes to laugh and make up funny words like Gobi Ibe that she says in the kind of tone that makes people laugh. She thinks that she is a mushroom and jumps around the house making mushroom noises. At the pool she is usually a sting ray or she does an amazing jellyfish rendition and of course she is a mermaid. At night she likes me to play "Comming Round the Mountain" on the guitar over and over and over. Yesterday while she was earning money skooping up doggie poo she began to sing "Shell be picking up poopy all day long..." to the tune of the song, lets hope that version stays home.

loves to climb trees and can do any set of monkey bars in sight

She loves boys especially her friend Greg, one of Jakes friends from work who for some reason likes hanging out with our kids. Here he and Jake took the kids on an 8 mile hike to a cave while I stayed home and painted. He carried Lilly most of the way, we are lucky to have such great people in our life

Lilly is the best helper around the house if I ever need someone to set the table or empty the dishwasher or juice some oarnges she is happy to help me

Lately she even loves her brother

She is very happy and most of the time is skipping around singing

Lilly opened her bakery today and pulled out the cookie sheets to get started with her pasteries made out of play dough. Her and Bella busily placed their finished products on a cookie sheet and then staked them all neatly into a bag and let me sample, mmmm a little salty. They have a wonderful model in their pastry chef Auntie Katie we all can't wait till you open your bakery. I have tried to capture the kids excitement of eating baked goods maybe they can adorn the walls someday who knows

Bella and Lilly love to decorate the world. Hear finally fra fra are some pics of the hamsters that I felted from wool for Bella. The only problem with them is that every night she has to have all of them which is about as much work as trying to round up a real hamster that has gone loose in the house, sometimes I wish I had never made them but they are her very favorite

I think Lilly had more fun with her Birthday hats then anything

Building hamster land complete with and ocean theme park and ice cream shop

The chair looks much better now don't you think

Just wanted to let you know Grandma Lill the girls are really a lot like you! They love to


***Find great deals at the thrift store***

***Wear fancy clothes

*-*- Have an ice cream

--)(--Take care of their pets

***Water the flowers

-------------;Make other people feel happy

Jake and I feel so blessed and we are having a grand time with our three little adventurous munchkins. Thanks to all of our family we were able to enjoy some time climbing together and reconnect, thank you all so very very much for all you do for our family. Don't worry Grandma's we will always be very safe so you don't have to inherit any children. It sure was nice to enjoy doing some of the things we love to do, I sure am a lucky girl!